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  Title Sample Category
1 All I Ask of You   Standard
2 American Bandstand   Standard
3 American Pop   Standard
4 American Pop (vocal)   Standard
5 At the River (vocal truncated)   Standard
6 Baby It's Cold Outside (vocal)   Standard
7 City of Jazz (vocals)   Standard
8 Fiesta (vocal)   Standard
9 For Once In My Life (vocal)   Standard
10 Go Tell It On the Mountain (inst)   Standard
11 Grease (vocal)   Standard
12 Hallelujah   Standard
13 Here's That Rainy Day   Standard
14 Here's That Rainy Day w Coda piano   Standard
15 Here's That Rainy Day with Coda   Standard
16 I'll Be Home for Christmas (vocal)   Standard
17 I'll Be Seeing You   Standard
18 In the Swing   Standard
19 In the Swing (with vocals)   Standard
20 It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (vocal)   Standard
21 Java Jive   Standard
22 Jingle Bell Rock (vocal)   Standard
23 Jingle Bells (vocal)   Standard
24 Joy to the World (inst)   Standard
25 Joy to the World (vocal)   Standard
26 Let It Snow (vocal)   Standard
27 Longest Time (tune up)   Standard
28 Lovely Way to Spend an Evening (vocal)   Standard
29 Mary, Did You Know (vocal)   Standard
30 My Funny Valentine   Standard
31 On the Road Again (cover)   Standard
32 One Tine Soldier (vocal)   Standard
33 One of Those Songs (vocal)   Standard
34 Operator   Standard
35 Orange Colored Sky (vocal)   Standard
36 Pledge of Allegiance (vocal)   Standard
37 Pop In, Jazz Up, Rock Out (vocal)   Standard
38 Time After Time (vocal)   Standard
39 Too Hot to Samba (vocals)   Standard
40 White Christmas (vocal)   Standard
41 Winter Wonderland (vocal)   Standard
42 Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again   Standard
43 You're Just in Love (vocal)   Standard